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Dental Implants in Crossville, TN

Dental implants solve complications associated with tooth loss and help restore optimal jaw health. Dr. Eric Larson at Crossville Dentistry provides implant treatment in Crossville to renew patients’ smiles after teeth have been extracted or otherwise lost.

If you want to know how dental implants can improve your dental health and reestablish confidence in your smile, call today to schedule a consultation.

Restoring Oral Health and Patient Wellness with ImplantsDental Implants in Crossville

Bone health and dental health are closely related. When the tooth root is no longer in place, the jaw bone lacks vital support and loses its strength and resilience. This can make you look older than you actually are. Issues like these create an unstable environment for your teeth, affecting oral health.

Dental implants are a comprehensive solution that allows your smile to function properly.

Personalized Implant Treatment

We keep patients well-informed regarding their treatment plans to develop trust in our team and capabilities. Through precise and personalized care from our team, patients have the confidence they need to receive dental implants.

Our in-practice CT scanner creates a highly detailed image the individual’s dental anatomy. This provides our team with the information needed to strategically plan the placement procedure. An x-ray is then taken to determine how many implants are needed and if additional procedures are required before implant placement.

Dental Implant Procedures in Crossville

A personable approach to the dental implant process is taken by promoting rejuvenation of healthy hard and soft tissues. If patients are not able to undergo implant treatment due to insufficient gum tissue, we do perform grafting in our office.

Dental implants use biocompatible titanium posts.

Patient Candidacy

Our team determines a patient’s suitability for dental implants after a thorough review of oral health. Their medical history is also considered an influential factor when evaluating a patient’s eligibility. When a patient is a viable candidate for dental implants, Dr. Larson ensures a smooth process for every patient, resulting in the full restoration of their smile.

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Our Crossville practice offers implants as a lasting solution for functional, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing results. To schedule a consultation and ask any questions or concerns related to dental implants, contact our office today.